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6 Types of Logos

  1. Brand marks are logos made up of a graphic symbol or icon. On many occasions, these icons represent a real-world object.

2. Abstract logo consists of just a symbol – tailor-made for you. This type of logo doesn’t mimic a real-life object; it’s a unique logo designed to express something specific about your brand.

3. Mascots logos are the the most family-friendly type of logos. They are images of a character or person that act as a visual representation of your business.

4. Emblem logos consist of a typeface placed within a border – usually a seal or a crest. This type of logo is popular among universities and government organizations.

5. Wordmark logos or logotypes– is a business name set in a particular typeface (font). These logos usually consist of text only – company names, monograms or initials.

6. Letterforms are one-letter logos that only include the first letter of the company’s name. Often, a brand will also use an additional version of their logo that comprises their full business name.